LIS CWN Webinar 3: Tackling Fecal Bacteria Pollution - Shared screen with speaker view
George Hoffman
Re sources; what about boaters?
Nikki Spiller
How long after the plants are installed will the subsurface flow treatment be fully functional and meet those pathogen removal stats?
Justine McClellan
Question for Kelly later: most of those systems shown were fairly large scale. Is it possible to have these on the small scale? For example to mitigate outflow from a storm drain pipe into a lake that sometimes has sanitary sewage water mixing after storms?
Swarna Muthukrishnan
Question for Kelly - how are these BMPs equipped to deal with loadings from CSOs following heavy storms?
Justine McClellan
Question for Kevin: I am on the Ecology & Natural Resources Advisory Committee for the City of New Rochelle and sit on a Green Infrastructure working group. Two questions: 1) Whom could I contact about partnerships with Veolia regarding funding for green infrastructure? 2) If a neighborhood has a suspected issue that is causing negative environmental impacts, can we reach out to Veolia about mitigation?
Adjie Henderson
Collins is muffled
Swarna Muthukrishnan
Question for Kevin - SL-RAT - do you see any applicability in investigating stormwater infrastructure deficiencies?
Swarna Muthukrishnan
Question for Collins - how do you deal with crisscrossing county/State/municipal stormwater conveyance systems when you deal with municipalities who are hesitant in the concept of a SW Authority?
William Lucey
I imagine revenue from Stormwater Utilities be used to match federal infrastructure funds, including those now able to run through the CT Green Bank which was authorized in the same language that enabled SWA's. Did New London use a grant or a loan for their first project?
Lauren Sternberg
Kevin Chandler kevin.chandler@veolia.com
Lauren Sternberg
Lauren Sternberg lauren.sternberg@veolia.com
George Hoffman
Interesting seminar. Sorry I have to leave now.
Maureen Murphy
Kelly, do you have data on the effluent prior to the treated wetlands and then after the wetlands was installed? For the upstate NY example, even though you are meeting the standards prior to disinfection, is disinfection still be required?
Aaron goode
Is the New London stormwater authority actually causing behavior adjustment by property owners to reduce the amount of impermeable surface in the city? Is there data showing the stormwater fees from the authority has caused a reduction in runoff?
David michel
I have been working to push for language to decrease the impermeable surface in new developments, green roofs..street islands to do better filtering etc..We have a lot to do
Justine McClellan
Thank you David for doing that.
David michel
part of my duty, thank you
Maureen Murphy
Thank you Kevin, Kelly, and Randy! Great presentations!
Diana Nguyen, TNC (she/her)
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Diana Nguyen, TNC (she/her)
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Justine McClellan
Thank you for organizing